I had lunch with a friend yesterday that was recently laid off. She’s been doing a lot of thinking about “starting your own business” and has come up with some business ideas. After investigating several business opportunities she had settled on a service business. But what she really wanted was to pick my brain about choosing a logo for her new small business.

Here are some of the things we discussed:

  • Branding is important. Establish your own brand by centering on your unique selling proposition. Keep this in mind when thinking about your logo.
  • Remember you logo will be displayed on everything, so allow for flexibility in your design. Think about light and dark color backgrounds and wide or tall areas where it will be displayed.
  • It needs to look professional, so have a professional do it. Monogrammed initials and clip art scream “I am cheap, not experienced and I started this business yesterday”.
  • Simplicity and elegance is key.
  • Consider a one or two color design that uses a unique color or color combination. Don’t make it too busy.
  • Have a custom font designed for your company name. A font style communicates emotion so choose a font that has the right ‘feel’.
  • Be careful with adding a graphic. If you do add a graphic in addition to the text of your company name make sure that it communicates something important.
  • If you put a tagline under your logo it must 1) directly state or support your unique selling proposition and 2) be something no other competitor can say.

Choosing a logo is a very important process. The tendency is to rush this. Give it the time it deserves because if you don’t you will be trying to build a business on a foundation of sand. For this reason, unless you are a marketing expert and a graphics designer yourself, you should hire a professional. This is not the place to cut cost. Get help if you need it.

With these strong words of advice in mind I have a few recommendations for you . The services mentioned below can get you the image and logo you know you want, but just can’t visualize without some help.

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