How do you get “The Word Out” about your business?

It’ s all about branding. Step 1 -You need a consistent identifiable look. Step 2 – Display your “look “where customers can find it. This post is about Step 2.

Business Cards

Start with Business Cards. Every businessman needs to have an adequate supply of business cards handy. I said adequate supply handy. You need to think ahead when going into meetings, networking groups and sales calls. Be prepared to give your card out when you are visiting your doctor, dentist, accountant, lawyer, or any other business person you meet in your personal life. It’s OK. They are business people just like you and they have their own circles of influence, which they will introduce you to, because you are a valued customer of theirs.

A couple more tips. Don’t let your cards get all crumpled up and dirty in your wallet. Second, have your cards ready (in your hand or in your left front pants pocket or jacket pocket). This will keep your right hand available for shaking hands. Don’t make it look like a big ordeal to dig a card out of your wallet or purse. Be comfortable, hand your card out effortlessly and greet with a smile and eye contact.


It goes without saying that you need to act and look professional at all times when you are in public. If you are a new businessperson (ex employee), you may not have thought about this. Enough said.

It is a good idea to wear apparel that displays your company logo and/or tag line. This gently reminds people that you are serious about your business, just like a sports fan is serious about their team when they wear team colors. I have a friend of mine that displays his team’s colors everywhere he goes. His team is his business.

Depending on your business, sometimes you can be outrageous with your “colors”, with other businesses you will need to be subtle. Wear shirts, hats and jackets with your company colors flying proudly.
has a very cool interactive online design tool that allows you to upload custom logos and graphics and place them on your shirts where you would like them. Easy steps to follow and great selection of products to pick from.

This subject will be continued in a follow-up post. I am trying to keep the posts down to a “bite size” length.

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