I want to tell you a story about two friends of mine.

My friend Sam, has a small business that he has been running by himself for several years. I guess you could call him a “Solopreneur.” I would like to tell you what Sam does in his business, but Sam may be reading this, so I will just say that he produces and sells a luxury product. Sam loves what he does. The problem is that in recent months, with the economic crisis in full swing, luxury products have not been selling so well. Sam and I were discussing and brainstorming options over lunch today. We came up with several interesting ideas, but all of them were defensive in nature. It may very well be that he may close his business.

My friend, Matt has been looking for work for the last several months. I was to the point where I really didn’t want to ask him about his job search activity any longer. A few days ago Matt got involved in a business opportunity that I have written about in a previous post. Well, when we met for diner last night things had definitely changed. You could feel the energy and excitement. Now there were smiles and much talk. A purpose had been found, small goals had been conquered and the game was in a full blown offensive attack. At the end of the evening Matt pulled me aside and said, “I haven’t felt this good in a long time.”

It struck me that in less than 24 hours I met with two of my friends and each were at opposite ends of emotion. What was the difference? Easy, one had hope, one had fear. Both had been facing similar circumstances.

Here is the lesson for you (and myself) to remember. In business and in life we never know what lies ahead. Hope is what drives us on. Fear is what drags us under. Our ultimate Hope is in our Lord. Wake up tomorrow with hope and gratitude as you start your business day.

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