A lot has happen since my last post.  My daughter got married this last week. What a joyful time. It was a very special moment when we walked down the aisle. I felt so bad that she was nervous. I guess I would be too.  As a guy, all you have to do is stand up front with your back to everybody and say “I do”.

On the advice of a friend of mind I decided not to say anything serious before the ceremony. In his case he was offering some fatherly reflections that resulted in a gush of tears that smeared makeup and delayed the show.

So as we (my daughter and I) approached the standing audience with her death grip squeezing the life out of my hand, I cracked a joke about imagining all of our friends and relatives starring back at us completely nude. She lightened up and finished with flying colors. Glad I could help out. (Thanks Doug for the advice on that “don’t choke up your daughter before she walks down the aisle” thing.)

My new son-in-law (boy that sounds strange) runs an online business hosting and supporting e-commerce sites. He shared a few tricks about getting higher ranks in Google.

  • Research Keywords related to your subject with the Google Keyword Tool. You need to make sure there is a “pulse” for what you are trying to market. Offline stores have a sign displayed in front of their store announcing and selecting traffic for what they sell. There is no sign for an online store. Your Keywords replace this function in your online business.
  • Use your keywords in your domain name, in your page titles, in your blog post title and in your headlines and body text.  This is the Sign over your door; announce that you are open for business.
  • Pick specific Keywords to your subject. General Keywords like “dog” or “Internet” will put you at the end of a long list of people not sure about what they are looking for.

I am going to have put some of this advice to work.  I really like my new  son-in-law.

What an exciting couple of weeks!

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