What is all the fuss about Twitter?

My wife and I belong to a local business networking group called the BNC (Business Networking Center). They have a thing called the Final Friday Forum where 50-100 of us local business people meet to have lunch, listen to a presentation and otherwise have a pretty good time.

Well – this week the place was packed, not a seat anywhere. Everybody is standing around holding their paper plates trying to get to a place where they can see the screen. We all know they are going to have a program on Twitter!

Some us know (maybe instinctively) that whatever it is, we better get up to speed pretty fast.

So what is Twitter and why should we care?

Twitter is a micro blog. You type in posts of 140 characters or less and it is immediately shared with all your friends. Well how cool is that! For the teenagers this is just great. They’re busy telling each other what they had for lunch, who skipped school and why their parents are dorks.

But for business there is another story. Here is basically how it works. The goal is to use Twitter to drive traffic to you Blog or web site. To do this you want your “friends” to follow you. i.e. every time you post it shows up on their Twitter accounts. If you have a 1000 friends on Twitter then when you post: “Hi guys, checkout my latest post on EffectiveMarketingOnline.com about Driving People to my Website with Twitter”, they all get this message.

You can access to your Twitter account from anywhere . . .

Your I-Phone, Desktop, I-Touch, Blackberry, Blog, Vista Gadget, etc.

Use Twellow to find other Tweaters that have followers that might be your prospective clients. Follow these people with the hopes that they will follow you back. A lot of people have their account setup to automatically follow you back. Then use another tool called Tweat Later to send an automatic message to these followers. What might that message be? Something like,” Thanks for Following me on Twitter, if you want to keep up with me check out my blog at …”

If you have never heard of Blogging, Tweating or using Social Media you need to get with it.

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